Welcome to Opposite Land: where socks wear feet, broccoli is meat, behind is ahead, and people poop from their head…

I’m launching my book Opposite Land and you’re absolutely not invited! Penguin Random House didn’t publish it and I definitely didn’t write it or draw any of the pictures… IN OPPOSITE LAND!

Join me on Monday July 31st
at 6:30pm for a 7pm start,
Upstairs at Better Read Than Dead
265 King Street, Newtown, NSW

I won’t be doing a live reading of the book involving silly voices and props. There won’t be any food or juice… or wine for the old humans. There won’t be a cake shaped like poop-ice-cream. There won’t be any smiling or laughing or ugly-dancing and there most certainly won’t be any books there to buy and have signed… IN OPPOSITE LAND! (That never gets old).

About the book:
After the worst day ever at her new school, nine-year-old Steve wishes that everything was different. To make her feel better, Mom gives Steve a mysterious book that is written upside-down, back to front, and entirely in riddles. That night, when its pages fall open in front of her bedroom mirror, the words become clear, and as Steve begins to read she’s swept up, swung around, and transported to the fantastical world in the book: Opposite Land. In this new land, everything is the opposite—mermaids are ugly, princes need rescuing, and people poop ice-cream! And according to Sanjiv, chief member of the Royal Cabbage Ministry, Steve is the princess prophesied to save Opposite Land from the evil Emperor Never and his wicked army of Whatevers. Can Steve help restore Opposite Land to its former glory and find her way back home?

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